All the latest news from the estate – Hear the exclusive interview with our winemaker!

Interview with the Winemaker!

Our vineyard is a source of joy for our winemaker and owner Anton, being a born and bred Austrian and moving to Australia when he was 21 years old. Anton worked as a pastry chef for many years, and owned several bakeries in the Dandenong ranges along with his wife Anna.

In 1992 they purchased the estate, although at the time it was just paddocks. Anton had made a good friend of a local winemaker and that’s where it all began!

Planting the vineyard in 1996, Anton was off like a rocket! Enjoying all things wine and perfecting the art that is wine making!

We sat down with our wonderful Anton and asked him some questions all about his love of wine and winemaking!

Q: What or Who got you into winemaking in the beginning?
A: A very good friend of mine had his own vineyard in emerald and i started to get hooked on all things wine, and the rest is history!

Q: How did you start winemaking? Did you attend a school or did you teach yourself?
A: I did a few courses, and i attached myself to winemakers that i believed had great tasting wine, and sponged the hell out of them for information. The knowledge they had far out weighed that of what i learned at the courses.

Q: What is the biggest challenge of winemaking and grape growing?
A: The fact that every year is different. The climate and the growing conditions, good wine is made in the paddock.

Q: What is your favourite part of the process?
A: When the fruit comes in and you get to crush it! From crushing all the way through to the drinking

Q: What is your least favourite part of the winemaking process?
A: When you stuff it up, and have to pour it out

Q: Which wine is your favourite? and why?
A: You can’t ask me that, its like asking which is your favourite child

Q: Can you give us a quick tasting note run down on the Pinot Noir?
A: The Pinot 2017, is one of the best Pinot’s we’ve ever made, it starts with a brilliant nose, nice ripe cherry flavours, delicate red wine, awesome in length and flavour, and in mouth feel.

Buzz…… Buzz……..Anton’s Bee’s have been BUSY!

When Anton isn’t in the sheds making wine, or in the garden he is usually tending to his hives!

We have 2 hives at the estate, and this season we collected 15 litres of natural honey!

Anton extracting the honey from our hives!

15 litres of delicious honey being put into jars!


Our new additional space will allow us to hold weddings of up to 120 people under our terrace, we also plan to use this space for outdoor dining on our Sunday lunches!

Watch this space for the finished product

Christmas is only 11 Mondays away!!

This year is nearly over!!
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