There is an unspoken theory among soon to be brides, that winter weddings aren’t as good as summer or spring weddings, or rain may ruin the day. We would just like to say….. ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!

A Late Autumn or Winter Wedding is just as beautiful as any other!

Not only will you have a higher chance of getting a date that you prefer, as winter months are less busy than October to April dates, but you will also get (in most cases) a better deal!

Many venues and suppliers have peak and off peak rates for their services, which means you can save your money for that amazing honeymoon you have been dreaming of!

Don’t be afraid of the rain, the amount of brides we have seen book in the height of summer and get rained on is unbelievable, but you cant let it stop you, or put a dampener on your day!

Your photos will come out spectacular, as winter weddings often have the overcast clouds as a back drop, which works wonders with your photographer! The Golden hour as they call it is so so wonderful during winter, you can create shots as wonderful as this!

Don’t be afraid of an indoor wedding, make sure you pick a venue with an indoor/undercover option that you love regardless.

Winter Weddings are wonderful, and you should consider mid year dates for your wedding, especially if you are looking to keep costs down or have smaller numbers!