One of the greatest things about wedding planning is choosing the gown. The shape, The material, long sleeves or short sleeves?  Is it going to have embroidery or lace? Are you going to wear a veil with it? Will you have a long train or a short dress? The questions are endless! Whether you have chosen a winery, a garden, a function room, an outdoor reception or a ballroom; the size and style of your dress all play a big role.

Here are a few tips and tricks to think about when buying your wedding gown.

1. Think about your space

Along with picking a dress that suits your style and comfort, there is one other thing that you should take into account…. and that is your venue

Think about the space that you’ll be occupying for the night. Do you have a large room or is your ceremony in a small chapel? Is your function room open plan and spaced out, will you have room to walk between the tables with a big dress? Does the dress match your venue? Will it link in with your themes and colour schemes? Your dress is the main statement of the entire day, you want to make sure that it reflects the themes you have set out. Are you going to be walking on grass and paddocks or paved surfaces and paths, are you going to be walking up and down stairs?

2. Think about your comfort

If you’re like me, you love a boogie! Dancing may be a massive part of your wedding, you want to be able to make sure you can move comfortably and easily. Make sure that if you have a train on your dress it has a bustle, so the other dancers aren’t standing on your tail all night long. Detachable trains are a big bonus! You are most likely going to be in your dress for a minimum of seven hours, so you want to make sure that you can breathe, sit down, walk, and not feel like you’re carrying an extra 20 kilos!

3. Trends

We are seeing now, more then ever, the use of lace on your gown. The traditional full lace gowns with full long sleeves and a high neck are slowly fading from the current wedding scene. They are now being replaced by tight fitted or fit and flair gowns with big long trains and beautiful lace detail. We are also seeing a lot of sheer necklines, open back dresses and a lot of split leg skirts. Even the two-piece gown is working its way into the summer bride’s collection! When picking your dress think about what’s on trend, but also think about a timeless classic piece, that in 50 years your grandchildren can look back and not laugh at the puffy sleeves like we do at our parents.

4. Pinterest is great, but not always practical

We’ve all got a board on Pinterest that says dream wedding, and there’s maybe hundreds of pins and photos of dresses! They are beautiful and a stunning and they are awesome for inspiration, but sometimes our expectations can quickly get ahead of us. It’s unlikely that you will find the same dress that has been re-pinned over 2.5 million times and if you do it may be out of your budget. Get your style, get your colour, get your ideas and your inspiration from Pinterest but don’t get your heart set on a dress that may not even be real

5. Culture and tradition

Think about your heritage, or your partner’s heritage, are there family traditions in place? How does that affect what you have to wear? Will there be an outfit change to a traditional dress? Will you have more than one dress? There are so many interesting ways that we can now incorporate our culture into our dresses and reflect our heritage. Whether it be a splash of colour on the hem of your dress or embroidered images and words. We have seen dresses handed down generations and handmade dresses. There are such wonderful ways to honour your culture, heritage or tradition that still let you express your own personal style.

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