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Some of the most commonly asked questions, when wedding planning, is regarding wedding coordinators. What does a wedding coordinator actually do? Are they necessary? Should I make sure I have a wedding coordinator for my wedding? 

The simple answer…. YES!


There is an unspoken theory among soon to be brides, that winter weddings aren’t as good as summer or spring weddings, or rain may ruin the day. We would just like to say….. ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!


5 steps to take to avoid morphing into a Bridezilla

Bride Wars, 27 dresses, the wedding planner, the runaway bride oh the list goes on! Anyone seeing a pattern here? All these movies have a bride who goes out of her mind with stress and anxiety over her wedding day, and I don’t blame them, imagine having blue hair the week before your wedding (it’s the stuff of my nightmares) If my previous experience can tell me one thing it’s that weddings make people go crazy! Suddenly everyone you know has an opinion on what’s right and what’s wrong!

So, what can you do to relax when planning your own wedding? Remember these 5 steps!