The Benefits of a Wedding Coordinator

Some of the most commonly asked questions, when wedding planning, is regarding wedding coordinators. What does a wedding coordinator actually do? Are they necessary? Should I make sure I have a wedding coordinator for my wedding?

The simple answer…. YES!

A wedding coordinator is a vital supplier at any wedding, they are hired (or included in your venue) to ensure that the entire day runs smoothly and that everyone is doing their jobs correctly and on schedule. Think of them as a Site Forman or a project manager.

A wedding coordinator will take care of all the timings of the day, they will liaise with suppliers and kitchen/venue staff to make sure your day runs like clock work.

While you are off taking gorgeous portraits with your photographer, your wedding coordinator will be inside your venue, looking after guests, helping suppliers set up/ be ready for your entrance, checking on you and seeing whether you need any drinks/canapés/help

It’s the little things on the day, that you probably haven’t thought about, your WC is there to help!

Here is a very small but insightful list of things a WC can be seen doing on your wedding day:

  • Empty bridal car and place items into the bridal change room/ private room
  • Get the bridal party water before and immediately after the ceremony
  • Fluff the brides dress as they walk down the aisle
  • Get the bridal party whatever drinks they like during photo time
  • Serve them a bridal tray of canapés first
  • Follow them around the venue whilst getting photos to ensure if they need anything it’s done quickly
  • Place bouquets in vases/neatly on table after bridal entrance
  • Check in with Bride and Groom throughout the night in regards to schedule
  • Ensure Bride and Groom actually eat something!
  • Touch base with bride throughout the night to check how things are going
  • Box up dessert for Bride and Groom if they haven’t eaten any
  • Give them a bottle of champagne to enjoy in their leaving car
  • Help pack up their items and place them in the pickup spot

WC are so important on your wedding day, and you will find that most venues offer some sort of function manager/WC on the day which is a massive bonus when looking for a venue!

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