5 steps to take to avoid morphing into a Bridezilla

Bride Wars, 27 dresses, the wedding planner, the runaway bride oh the list goes on! Anyone seeing a pattern here? All these movies have a bride who goes out of her mind with stress and anxiety over her wedding day, and I don’t blame them, imagine having blue hair the week before your wedding (it’s the stuff of my nightmares) If my previous experience can tell me one thing it’s that weddings make people go crazy! Suddenly everyone you know has an opinion on what’s right and what’s wrong!

So, what can you do to relax when planning your own wedding? Remember these 5 steps!

1. It’s your day!

The utmost important thing to keep in mind though out the entire planning process is that this is you and your fiancé’s day. (FULL STOP!! I want to end the paragraph there) No one can say that its about anything other than the two of you joining together to start the rest of your lives. Your day, your needs and desires. And that’s it. Don’t let anyone else tell you that they want this, or they want that. At the end of the day, the wedding is about you two.

2. Get in Early

Most couples are now booking a date and venue 12 – 18 months before their wedding day. This allows for ample time to plan all the other important aspects. The earlier you book in your main suppliers (e.g. venue, caterer, photographer, celebrant) the better, get them done and out of the way so you have some time to relax. We often find that once the venue has been booked, celebrant, photographer and band/DJ are booked within the next 6 weeks.

3. It’s a Wedding, Not a Contest

Remember that the day is about two souls coming together not about how much cash you can flash or how your wedding can become a performance. What I’m saying is don’t try to over do it, or out do a friend’s wedding, you will put unnecessary stress upon yourselves. Don’t worry about what people’s expectations are, if your happy then they will be too!

4. Bridal Party to the Rescue

Choose a supportive and honest bridal party. Somewhere along the journey you will cry, whether it be of joy, frustration or sadness, surround yourself with people who will be there for you and your fiancé. Having that unwavering support from your bridal party and partner is so important, especially when you get to table seating arrangements and floor plans!

5. Take a Break

Finally, don’t let the excitement of your wedding day fade, if you feel like your over it, step away. I have so many brides come to me the week of their wedding and say they just want it to be over, that’s no attitude to have that close to the most magical day of your life! If you feel overwhelmed or like you’re not sure where to start or what the next step is, talk to your vendors, use their knowledge, they’re pretty good at what they do. Take lots of breaks when planning, I would limit it to half a day every 2 weeks, space it out and make it fun!

The whole journey of wedding planning is supposed to be fun and exciting. You and your fiancé will blink, and it will be over, so savor the feeling and relax! (and if all else fails call me and I can do it all for you!)